Colorfulful reef with hard and soft corals
Udawalawa Park
November 5, 2015
Colorfulful reef with hard and soft corals
November 6, 2015
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Yala National Park

National Park
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Second largest national park in Sri Lanka.
Open all year

A large park spanning nearly 400 sq km, Yala national parks sits right beside the ocean 260km southeast of Colombo city. Home to all walks and wings of wildlife, the park boasts the most leopard sightings. Crocs, native and migratory water fowl and other birds, elephants, jackals, sambur and spotted deer, sloth bear…an endless list of animals can be seen here. The park has two entrance points; Katagamuwa and Palatupana, depending on which town is closest at the time. Both these towns are easily accessible from the neighbouring, holy city of Kataragama.


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