Round Tour for 10 days & 09 nights – Bronze

Ayubowan – May you live longer is the traditional greeting of the Sri Lankans or more appropriately the Sinhalese who are the original inhabitants of this wonderful island.

Transfer from Bandaranaike International Airport Colombo to Habarana

Day 01

Air Port to Habrana

Overnight stay at the Jays Holiday Resort – Habarana

The Jays Holiday Resort –quaint resort conveniently located in close proximity to the famous attractions of Rajarata or the “Land of Kings” will offer you the first taste what the islands has to offer.

Day 02

Habarana –Polonnaruwa – Habarana


The second most ancient of Sri Lanka’s kingdoms, Polonnaruwa was established and declared as the Capital by King Vijayabahu I. However, the city owes much of its former glory and prosperity to king Parakramabahu I who built a number of series of tanks to hold water and a series of waterways which continue to irrigate the fertile lands of Polonnaruwa even today.
There are a series of Stupas, temples image houses and a number of Buddha Statues carved out of solid rock , the most prominent being the Statues of Gal Vihara. Today, Polonnaruwa is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Colorfulful reef with hard and soft corals
Colorfulful reef with hard and soft corals
Colorfulful reef with hard and soft corals

Visit to Kaudulla National park in the evening

Visit to Kaudulla National park in the evening when the elephants arrive in the open plains. Kaudulla National Park is probably the best place to see Elephants roaming leisurely in their full glamour. The verdant landscape surrounding the Kaudulla tank is the home to a large herd of elephants numbering around 150- 200 . Explore the park and watch these giants get about their lives from the comfort of a 4x4 safari jeep.


Back to the hotel for overnight stay.

Day 03

Habrana – Sigiriya – Habarana

Climb Sigiriya

Sigiriya is a unique rock formation that rises around 200 metres from the surrounding countryside of North Central plains of the island. This was turned to a Rock Fortress, by King Kassapa in the05th century A.D. and remained a Royal Citadel for more than 18 years. At its base, there is a series of waterways and fountains which form one of the best water gardens in the country. The entire citadel is encircled by a moat and rampart and extensive gardens. The gateway to the summit is marked by the majestic Lion’s Paws guarding the stairway. On the side of the rock are the frescoes which have made the rock citadel most famous for; these frescoes depict who are popularly known as “Heavenly maidens” or “Sigiri Landun” floating on the clouds. The Polished rock wall popularly known as “Ketapath Pavura” or Mirror Wall contains hundreds of notes of those who had climbed the rock and written down what they felt about the entire experience years ago.


Elephant ride & washing in the evening

Take a Ride on one of these charismatic animals and you will the warmth the power and the sheer discipline these majestic animals show on a one-hour trek through the jungle and the lake. The elephants will be led by a well trained and experience mahout and guide who would stay with the animal during the entire travel.

Colorfulful reef with hard and soft corals
Colorfulful reef with hard and soft corals
Colorfulful reef with hard and soft corals

Traditional Ayurvedic Massage

Sri Lanka has always been known as a place where the lifestyle revolves around nature- a lifestyle that refreshes not just the mind and body, but also the soul and spirit. As such, Sri Lankans have naturally embraced Ayurveda the oldest and most holistic medical system known to exist in the world. Enjoy an Ayurvedic Massage in the late evening at Atherya that is sure to rejuvenate your body and soul.

Back to the hotel for overnight stay.

Day 04

Habarana – Dambulla – Kandy


Visit Dambulla cave temple- UNESCO world heritage site which is considered as the best preserved temple complex in the country dating back to the 1st century BC. Built under a huge overhanging rock, the temple contains a large number of paintings and statues depicting various stages of Buddha’s life. The murals on the cave walls cover an area of approximately 23,000 square feet. Wander around these world famous attractions leisurely marveling at the ancient artist’s skills and dedication.


Matale Spice garden visit

Visit a Spice Garden in Matale on the way to the Hill Capital of Kandy. Sri Lanka - as you maybe aware is the home to a large variety of herbs which been long coveted by the Western Merchants. These spices come in all fragrances and tastes which have become indispensable in both western as eastern cuisine. Stroll among the rows of neatly planted spices whilst savouring their fragrances and the visit to the spice garden would explain the story behind Sri Lankan spice.


Proceed to Kandy


Situated at an elevation of 488 metres above mean sea level, surrounded by verdant hills Kandy is the last kingdom of Sri Lankan Monarchy. Known best as the home of the iconic temple of the Sacred Tooth relic of Buddha, the town is considered as one of the most picturesque cities of the country. located as the home of the Sri Lankan Monarchy. The temple and the four main shrines of the deities that had adorned the city for hundreds of years are the landmarks of the city. The city becomes vibrant and a magnet for locals and tourists alike when it hosts the famed “Kandyan Perahera” a colourful pageant taking the Sacred Tooth Relic parades the city at night. Take a stroll by the lake enjoying the cool breeze sweeping past the placid waters.


Overnight stay at the Kandyan Heights.

The Kandyan Heights is a small Villa located in a lush green Tea Estate. The cozy villa will provide you with a calm and quiet stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Day 05


Kandy sightseeing in the morning

Visit to tooth relic temple in the evening

Visit the famed Temple and witness the traditional offerings (poojas) that take place several times of the day. Take a leisurely walk along the corridors admiring the murals painted on walls; visit the numerous shrine rooms which portray the different aspects of Buddha’s life.


Back to the villa for overnight stay.

Day 06

Kandy – Nuwara Eliya

Travel by Train from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya

The upcountry railway line was originally constructed by the colonial administration as a means of transporting produce from the flourishing tea and coffee plantations in the 19th century, the railway line soon became popular as one of the most scenic railways of the world. Today, it has assumed the role of providing enchanting views of the best of Sri Lankan mountain scenery and a tour on this line will definitely add a memorable or more likely an unforgettable experience to any traveler.

Proceed to Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya is a mountain station at 1,868 m (6,128 ft) of altitude, in a splendid landscape. The city pretends to be particularly well-kept and neat, and the always green grass gives to the locality an aspect of “colonial British style".


Overnight at the Lassana Villa in Nuwara Eliya

The Lassana Villa offers its guests peaceful and comfortable stay in the cool climes of Nuwara Eliya, just 2 kilometres away from the Gregory lake . The hotel offers its guests an on-site restaurant free WiFi and barbecue facilities on request.

Day 07

Nuwara Eliya – Kitulgala – Hikkaduwa

Visit to a Tea factory in the morning

The process of Tea making right from being plucked off from the plant by demure ladies and then being processed at a highland ta factory to give its distinct character is a story by its own right. So what better way can there be than making a visit to a factory where a visitor would be able to get firsthand experience of the entire process?

White Water Rafting – Kitulgala

Kitulgala is the site where the award winning film “Bridge over the River Kwai” was shot. The river or its surrounding has change little ever since and the location has become popular as one of the best venues for white water rafting. The Kelani River in kitulgala hosts around 5 major rapids and 4 minor rapids. This activity is for anyone above the age of 10 years with safety gear, modern rafts,and a comprehensive safety briefing will be given by our white water rafting instructors beforehand.

Colorfulful reef with hard and soft corals
Colorfulful reef with hard and soft corals
Colorfulful reef with hard and soft corals

Overnight stay at the Royal beach - Hikkaduwa

Royal Beach Hotel is a charming family-run hotel located on Narigama Beach in Sri Lanka. It features the famous Royal Beach Restaurant, provides guests Free Wi-Fi in Public areas of Hotel. Also, the offer its guests a variety of water sports.

Day 8&9


Enjoy the warmth of the sea.Spend some time by the sea watching the waves of the Indian Ocean will be splashing endlessly on the shore.
Day 10

Hikkaduwa – International Airport

Transfer from Hikkaduwa to Colombo International Airport

End of tour……………………….